Hi there.

My name is Onuora Onianwa. I am a graphic designer and the CEO Of Jedaime Signatures. I combine my job with my passion for writing, public speaking, personal development and social entrepreneurship.

I have spoken at several programmes, especially aimed at youth development and I offer limited personal coaching, design tutorials and business consultation. I love computer games, the colour blue, and I have a long standing love affair with Shawarma and Rocky Road Ice Cream.

It has been thirteen years since I began my walk with Christ as my Savior and Lord. Being a Christian and a lover of the word of God, I share very often at meetings and online, the things I ave learned and still encounter in my walk with God. I do hope you will find something of worth on this blog and share with me and other s what those things are.

You can also find me on Twitter  and Instagram, @iamaiyke and on Facebook as Onuora Onianwa.